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watch: "camiseta grande (big t-shirt)" music video

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

our first music video is live! i (lynae) lost it when bradley casually said, "hey, i made a video for camiseta grande" & then sent me this video... in full! watch more of bradley's videos on vimeo here.

this song was inspired by a dream bradley had. vocals are by bradley + lynae. we use our teenage engineering op-1 & roland octapad pretty heavily in this song & our upcoming album.

2021 update: camiseta grande (big t-shirt) has been officially selected for the Bogotá Music Video Festival, European Cinema Festival, Lift-Off Global Network: First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, Boston Collective Film Festival, is semi-finalist in the New York Animation Film Awards, and a finalist in the California Music Video & Film Awards.

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